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How you place an order

    We prefer that our customers purchase Sylvan products at a hobby shop.   Most of our dealers will accept mail orders.  If you still wish to order direct, mail your order along with payment to us.  You must include sufficient shipping and handling (our base S&H is $6.50).  All mail orders paid by cheque will be held for two weeks.















Air bubbles.  What should you do?

    Resin kits may occasionally have small air bubbles in the parts.  If these are on the back of the part and will not show on the finished model, there is no need to worry about them.  Air bubble holes that will show may be filled with a medium super glue (gap filling) and the patch sanded or filed smooth.  A good filler for larger holes or gaps is a mixture of gap filling (medium) super glue and either talc or corn starch.  File or sand the patch as soon as it is hard to the touch; as the mixture will become harder than the surrounding resin.
    If the bubble is in an area that is not easily repaired, contact us for a replacement piece.
















What if a piece in your kit is broken or warped?

    Sometimes pieces in kits can be broken during shipping or certain factors can cause resin pieces to warp.  Check out our Tips page first, to see if you can fix the piece yourself.
    If you cannot fix the piece: mail your name, address, the name or number of the kit you bought, as well as the broken/warped piece to us.  A replacement piece will be sent to you ASAP.

















What if a piece of your kit is missing or you lost a piece?

  If a piece is missing: mail your name, address, the name or number of the kit you bought, as well as the name or number of the missing part.  A replacement piece will be sent to you ASAP.
  If you lost or damaged a piece: do the above plus an explanation of what happened, and $5.00.  A replacement piece will be sent to you, or we will respond with a dollar amount needed to mail you the piece if it is a large, or multiple pieces.

















Your local hobby shop doesn't have Sylvan kits.  How can you get them?

1.    You may wish to put them in contact with us if they wish to obtain dealer information.

2.    You may wish to contact us with that stores name and address, asking us to send them information.

3.    You may contact another dealer to do a mail order.